Merthyr Learning Quarter

Merthyr Learning Quarter

Project Value: £300K

Location: Merthyr

Project Duration: 12 Months

Our involvement:

Merthyr College is a college designed with state of the art technology in mind. The BMS needed to provide control over all the primary plant and the natural ventilation system to maintain substantially constant temperature and CO2 levels within the building.

The BMS also interfaced with the breathing building natural ventilation system which has been installed in the college.

We installed a Siemens Desigo/KNX solution to meet the above ambitions, employing the KNX solution to provide control over the field equipment to optimise the wiring installation.

A Green Building Monitor (GBM) has also been installed to provide instantaneous data on the energy usage within the building in which an extensive range of energy meters have been installed.

St Teilos High School

St Teilo's High School

Project Value: £390K

Location: Cardiff

Project Duration: 12 Months

Our involvement:

St Teilos High School is a twenty-first century building, designed for twenty-first century learning and teaching.

Our Building Management System, utilises KNX functionality to provide field and room control of the lighting, space heating / cooling, ventilation and emergency lighting, self-testing and reporting. The KNX also controls the external lighting for the building.

KNX was the chosen solution by our Client due to the comprehensive control required of both the Mechanical & Electrical elements, together with the simplicity of installation that a KNX project can offer together with the flexibility of local override control & monitoring to the site staff.

The KNX control system is linked into the BMS via a KNX gateway to allow remote control and monitoring of the KNX via the BMS and a central external server. All lighting and local heating controls were included on the KNX system, allowing shared occupancy control for HVAC and lighting functions. Each room benefited from a control unit combining set point adjustment of temperature, control of natural and mechanical ventilation and switching of lighting in one unit. Continuous lighting level measurement and control was also deployed to provide maximum efficiency with stable levels of illumination for all teaching areas. The flexibility of the KNX solution allows for easy alteration of lighting control to suit any future developments or changes in the requirements for each individual room.

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