Manor House

Photo unavailable to protect client confidentiality.

Location: Hertfordshire

Our involvement:

This high-end and listed residence required the use of the most advanced and high quality technology but without compromising on the aesthetics of its interior design.

As a leader in KNX communication, BSC was approached to assist in this prestigious project. We worked closely with both contractors and design teams to ensure that our solution fulfilled the client’s expectations both in its performance and design.

A KNX system was utilised for all temperature sensing and set point control applications in each individual room, as well as direct control of heating valve actuators at the manifolds distributed throughout the property. These were linked via a KNX gateway to the primary Desigo based BMS system giving a precise yet flexible control solution, allowing for maximum efficiency of the property without compromising comfort.

Elizabethan Mansion

Photo unavailable to protect client confidentiality.

Location: Dublin

Our involvement: 

BSC's involvement in this project provided both unique and challenging opportunities. A design was required that was both sympathetic to the style of building and met the specific needs of our musician client.

For example, the client request was for trench heating which although selected for the minimum noise impact, remained at a noise level above what was conducive to their musical work. Our design therefore, provided a solution that allowed the client autonomy to slow the fan until it was silent but would reinstate its normal function at a predefined time.

It was also vital that our client’s collection of musical instruments were stored in an environment which provided extremely stable control both in terms of temperature and humidity which we were able to achieve within the design of our BMS solution.

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