Large/Multi Site

Integrated & Intelligent Buildings

Buildings should function productively whatever their size or use.

  • Manage... use energy economically
  • Create Comfort... conditions for your workplace
  • React... by automatically adapting according to weather conditions
  • Protect... your people, data & business processes from burglary, theft and fire

This is why more and more building owners and managers are putting their trust in totally integrated, self-managing Building Management Solutions.

By understanding your business, your working practices, your targets and the markets in which you work in, as well as the risks and damages that you face, enables BSC to provide you with a solution bespoke to your precise needs.

We can also work closely with third party organisations, providing the interface and technology know-how to integrate your existing installations within the Building Management System.

The more precisely your systems and components interoperate and communicate with each other, the greater the comfort, protection, security and efficiency of your building.

By networking your various systems within a technical infrastructure, BSC can ensure that each building maximising its potential for improved comfort, security and energy efficiency.

BSC can...

  • Assess your specific needs
  • Develop scalable and modular solutions to meet both your immediate and future requirements
  • Design, install and maintain a fully integrated Building Management System
  • Provide training for your Employees and Service Personnel
  • Allow remote web access to the Building Management System for your Building Managers, allowing them real time information of your building’s operations, whether your building is an individual site or a multi-site environment
  • Provide continued service and maintenance of your system to enable the trouble free running of your building’s operations
  • Offer continued support and advice to maximise the potential of your current solution or to enhance it further, in line with new and emerging technology

We work with leading manufacturers across the industry to ensure that we deliver quality, in both the products we supply and the service we provide. As a Partner organisation to industry leaders, BSC can ensure that our Engineers are always at the cutting edge of technology.

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