Introducing BSC's Service & Maintenance Team

As the design and capability of Building Management Systems becomes more sophisticated so does the need to ensure that these systems are well maintained and enhanced in order to minimise both the financial and environmental impacts for organisations.

It was with this in mind that BSC have recently introduced a Service and Maintenance Division dedicated to Client Support.

Heading up this new division is Service & Maintenance Manager, Andy Gill, who says “Having previously stood on the other side of the fence, as a client receiving inadequate and often poor service from providers, I was convinced that there had to be a better way of meeting client’s needs. Joining BSC gives me the opportunity to change this culture and we are investing heavily in our people to ensure this happens”.

BSC Engineers receive comprehensive training from a variety of manufacturers across the industry, enabling the expertise to service, install and maintain a wide range of systems for both new and existing clients. BSC can now offer a dedicated Service Helpdesk, a 24/7 on call engineer response service, HVAC condition-based monitoring and energy reduction technology, all delivered through a range of service packages, tailored to our Client’s specific needs.

For enquiries please contact Andy Gill at

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